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Safety Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

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Whether you should opt for eyeglasses or contact lenses for vision correction depends on your personal preference. However, factors such as lifestyle, comfort, convenience, budget and aesthetics have to be considered while taking a decision. Both options have several advantages and disadvantages in terms of ease of use, vision and eye health. Eyeglasses do not require much maintenance and are cheaper compared to contact lenses in the long run. On the other hand, contact lenses offer visual appeal and ensure that your peripheral vision is unobstructed.

If you are looking for contact lenses in Calgary, Focus West Optometry can help. We have been serving clients in West Hills and the surrounding areas since 1997. We offer comprehensive eye examsprescription glasses and quality sports eyewear.

Quick Tips

You may have many questions if you are new to wearing contact lenses. Here are a few tips that will address all your concerns:

  • Clean Your Hands Before Wearing Contacts  

Wash your hands thoroughly before wearing contacts. Avoid soaps containing scent or lanolin and do not use moisturizing lotions as they can adhere to your lenses. If your lens is stuck to its storage case, gently shake the case to loosen it. Do not try to pull the lens out with your finger as it could damage it. Rinse the contacts thoroughly using appropriate contact lens solution before wearing them. Replace the contact lens storage case every 3 months to eliminate any risk of infection.

  • Don’t Wear Contacts Overnight

Never wear your contacts to bed except when your eye care professional has prescribed you specific contact lenses for overnight wear. When you close your eyes while wearing contacts, the oxygen supply to the surface of your eye is reduced, making it vulnerable to infection.

  • Don’t Re-Use Old Solution  

Always rinse and refill your case with fresh solution. Clean your case using hot water and air-dry it to prevent bacterial buildup. You can ask your eye care professional to prescribe a good solution for you. Do not use water or saliva to rinse the contacts. Replace the solution bottle a month after opening it.

  • Replace Your Contact Lenses Regularly 

Wearing your contact lenses for longer durations than recommended by your eye care professional can cause serious health problems (such as infection or blurred vision). It is essential to replace your contacts regularly for optimum eye health and comfort. You can consider buying daily disposable contacts as they offer several health benefits and are a more convenient option.

  • Don’t Wear Contacts Which Are Torn or Ripped

Never wear contact lenses that are torn or ripped as the sharp edges of the lens can scratch the surface of your cornea, harming your vision. Torn lenses can also inflame or irritate your eye, causing infection.

  • Don’t Wear Contacts While Entering a Pool 

Never wear contact lenses if you are entering a hot-tub, pool or taking part in any water activity. Always wear eye gear such as sunglasses or goggles to protect your eyes.

Focus West Optometry offers an extensive range of contact lens options, including multifocal, astigmatism, colour, spherical and others. We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide exceptional customer service to our clients. Get in touch with us if you are looking for prescription sunglasses or pediatric eye care services.

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For more information on our products and services, contact us today!

Written by Focus West Optometry

Welcome to Focus West Optometry! Since our founding in 1997, our team has been proud to serve the Calgary community and provide comprehensive eye care for the whole family. We offer a wide range of eye care services, including addressing dry eyes, an extensive optical boutique, and innovative technology to make your visit as efficient as possible.

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