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Contact Lenses vs Glasses: The Pros and Cons

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A classic debate for those with eye problems is trying to make the contact lenses vs glasses decision. Those who wear any type of corrective lenses understand the options in front of them. Respectively, the two choices are two very different types of treatment.

Contact lenses are tiny curved lenses that are placed directly on your eye. Glasses on the other hand are physical objects that you place over your eyes. What it comes down to with these two options is what the wearer’s preference is.

Continue reading below on the debate that those who have trouble seeing make every time they visit the optometrist.

Prevention of Eye Strain and Damage

One of the most popular questions, when it comes to deciding between wearing contacts and wearing glasses, is if they are comparable to one another. Glasses and contacts are in fact quite alike. Both options provide the support that your eyes need to see.

With both options, your optometrist provides you with the correct prescription. This prescription is detailed in the contacts or glasses that you choose.

Choice of Style and Design Options

Contact lenses are sleek. They fit directly in the eye with your correct prescription. Most of the time, the average person cannot decipher if the wearer even has contacts on or not.

On the other hand, glasses can be an opportunity for self-expression. With glasses, the wearer gets to choose the frames and the style of the frames. It is entirely up to the wearer what type of classes they choose to purchase.

Cost and Expenses Factors

Another common concern when it comes to the decision of contact lenses or glasses is the pricing.

Glasses can be an expensive venture depending on the type chosen. It comes down to preference with glasses. The wearer must be comfortable with the decision they make, or have multiple choices to match different attire.

Contacts may seem simpler, however, these must also be changed periodically. Your contact options are fully dependent on the strength and prescription given. An optometrist can walk you through how to order the precise ones and reorder when necessary.

Your Choice: Contact Lenses vs Glasses

When it comes to the decision of contact lenses vs glasses, it’s your choice to decide which product is better for your eyes. The ideal product is the one that you’re the most comfortable with. Weigh the benefits of both options before deciding which one is the right option for you.

Many individuals who require prescriptions use both contacts and glasses interchangeably. It all depends on which vision correction method you prefer.

Ready to get started improving the way that you see the world? Contact Focus West Optometry in Calgary SW and we’ll get started helping you to see better. Incorporating visual aids such as glasses or contacts isn’t as difficult as you may think.

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