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6 Reasons glasses are better than contacts

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Should you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses? While at Focus West Optometry we love both options, our Calgary opticians and optometrists think glasses are a great choice for everybody.

Glasses are the best choice for most people.

Here are six advantages that glasses have over contacts:

1. Everyone can wear them. Not everyone can wear contacts lenses. In fact, contacts aren’t recommended for young kids, people with dry eyes or those with severe allergies. People with astigmatism may also have trouble finding contacts that fit. Alternatively, glasses can be worn be nearly everyone.

2. They’re safer. Debris can get caught between a contact lens and your eye, increasing the risk of getting an infection. Wearing contacts also requires you to touch your eye regularly, which doesn’t just potentially irritate your eyes, it also makes some people uncomfortable. Wearing glasses eradicates these problems and may even protect your eyes from dust and debris.

3. They’re more comfortable. Wearing glasses won’t dry out your eyes the way wearing contacts will. This is especially true if you work in front of a computer screen all day. Contact lenses block air from getting to your eyes, which makes them dry and uncomfortable when looking at a screen.

4. They make a fashion statement. Glasses are so trendy these days that many people wear them with plano lenses (non-prescription lenses) just for the look. Your glasses are a great way to make a fashion statement: choose a look that’s refined and sophisticated or bold and cutting-edge. You can even change up your style by wearing different frames on different days.

5. They’re low maintenance. Glasses don’t need more than a case and a good cleaning once in a while. Wearing contacts requires you to have a case, solution, backup pairs of contacts and you still need a pair of glasses. You also need to make sure to clean contacts properly to avoid eye infections.

6. They’re less expensive. A good pair of glasses can last for years, as long as your prescription doesn’t change. Buying contact lenses and supplies can cost more over the span of two or three years than one pair of glasses.

For prescription glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses, Focus West Optometry in Calgary can help you see clearly. Call us today to schedule an eye exam or consultation.

Written by Focus West Optometry

Welcome to Focus West Optometry! Since our founding in 1997, our team has been proud to serve the Calgary community and provide comprehensive eye care for the whole family. We offer a wide range of eye care services, including addressing dry eyes, an extensive optical boutique, and innovative technology to make your visit as efficient as possible.

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